What is RMS?

Rooted Strength Method was developed by Ana Carolina Lima, better known in the martial arts community as "Morena". This method was developed in order to help martial arts practitioners, and any other population with busy lifestyles, to get to know their bodies and keep themselves injury free or even heal their injuries. The truth is the world we live in now days is hardly adequate for our bodies and the way we are meant to move.

Long periods of sitting, lack of posture and proper use of the body, plus our fast phased life can get in the way of having a healthy aging body. Especially in the martial arts world where a person can be an amazing athlete and still have a painful and sedentary lifestyle. Using the principles of Physio-training, a holistic approach to injury prevention and personal training, the power of proper breath, body awareness and self-love we can begin making micro-habit changes to your everyday lifestyle. We learn how to work with the body and how to honor our practice, training becomes quality over quantity, and as you learn how to listen your practice can become your own intuitive practice.

The truth is we need to connect with ourselves, we need to slow down and pay attention, we need to honor all the body does even though we don't take very good care of it. RSM also specializes in unconventional functional strength, using your body the kettle-bell and steel mace as feedback tools to get the best out of your training. As the body ages we need to care for it like a child, with love and attention, and in turn it will do amazing things for a very long time. Consistency will give you resilience and vitality in longevity. Come learn about this amazing method and get to know yourself a little more in the process. Thank you for being here, are you ready to find your rooted strength?

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