Whistlekick podcast episode 728

Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio ep. 728

Hello, my amazing friends! I'm happy to announce my PODCAST episode with Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio. It was an honor to speak a little bit about my life story with martial arts and my view of life. Thank you for the honor of speaking my truth to help others. OSS!

Grasshopper and the Bear podcast.

Grasshopper and the Bear interview

Brazilian, native, and fluent, bilingual speaker Morena Capoeira BJJ talks about her Martial Arts Roots, and Career, She Teaches daily alongside her husband (Both BJJ Blackbelts) at Team Link BJJ in Ludlow, Massachusetts. She is "Certified " in the Steel Mace and Kettle Bell and also discusses one of her goals which is to help foster a safer, professional, and more respectful Capoeira environment for Everyone. Morena shares about meeting her first Capoeira Mestre and how he helped change the course of her life. She also talks about her Studies and practices of Breath Work and Physio Therapy to heal the body and mind. Morena Also goes into the Importance of Positive Self-Talk

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